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Support Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Reboot Camp?

First, navigate to the login page by either clicking here or clicking the login button found at the top of the site.

Next, enter your login information. This information should have been emailed to you at the creation of your account. Sometimes this email gets caught in the spam filter, so please check your spam folder.

If you check and your login information is still not there then contact our support team and they will manually send you your login information.

How do I log into the private Reboot Camp forum?

You log in by navigating to the forum and then using the same login information that was emailed to you during your account creation. If you do not have this information then please see the previous question.

If you DO have your login information and it is not working then please contact our support team and they will manually reset your login.

How do I change my forum name?

Your current forum name is tied to the credit card information you used to purchase membership. If you wish to post anonymously on the forum then you will need to change your username – here’s how to do it:

After signing in to the forum, mouse over your name in the upper right corner –> click “Username Change” from the dropdown. Then, enter your desired forum username into the field and press the confirmation button

How do I cancel my membership?

The process is simple and instant. Click here for information on how to cancel your membership. Should you need our services again in the future, you can always renew your membership by logging in and re-subscribing to a package.